Reality In Two

Nothing is beyond these two truths. There is the beginning and the end that both look the same.

There is nothing you can do to run from either side of the coin. Your life and your death both realized with one sweet kiss.

Your blind vision guides you in moments of confusion. You should look away, but can’t. You should run, but why should you? No one hears a silent scream.

This dream is what holds true night after night. The desire holds true through endless mornings, giving rise to impossible moments of beauty as you open your eyes.

Letting go is obvious, but how do you let go of yourself. How do you forget what you have always known?

Impossible dreams chase you through the nights only to find her when you wake.


It’s an sweet addicition to be close, to wonder and want.

It’s a sweet addiction to love and grow in the beautiful shadows of what you were, what you are, and what you want. Loving your joys and pains, loving your fears and dreams makes my heart beat stronger.

It’s a sweet addiction, but as the shadows fall beyond the moonlight your words fall hard from the sky. Pushing me away, I see them, I feel them. I have every reason to believe them, but I don’t. I have every reason to run for shelter, but I don’t.

It’s a sweet addiction that outshines the every star and owns my sky. I never thought I would see the colors so bright. I never thought I’d be warm in my heart. And yet I don’t ask because my screams are silent. There is love because you make me feel and you make me want. I was born with this hunger for your kiss.

You are the sweet addiction that will be my last thought.

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