Better than me

Who could love you better than me? Is it possible there is someone out there that can look deeper into those eyes and love you beyond the capacity of my heart? This a tough question for me to truthfully answer. The romantic in me would like to say no without a second thought. Before I answer I need to define my love. I know other men in your life feel it is purely in infatuation. I’m sure other women would agree as well, but I can honestly tell you this is not the case. I understand why one would easily define this as infatuation. It makes sense. How could I say I selflessly and completely love you given the amount of time I have known you and considering I have never even kissed you once? If I was on the outside looking in I would agree. I’m not gonna lie, to the logical sane mind this doesn’t make sense. I have known you less than a thousand days. However, I am on the inside of this bubble looking out, and without any doubt I know I love you. This is something you know without thinking. When I say the words I love you I feel my heart agree without any hint of hesitation. You have literally change the way my heart beats. You have changed the way I see the world. With you in my life the world suddenly makes sense. Every time we talk, every time I see you I find more reasons to love you and the world. I’m not a child, nor do I think like one. I have lived and loved. I have experienced tragic loss. Through all my experiences I have learned that when something truly special comes along your heart will tell you, and you my dear are rare. You are that unicorn that comes along once in a life time if you are lucky. Yes you are flawed, as we all are, but any sadness or pain you hold onto only adds to your beauty in my eyes. It’s not that I love you like a poor little bird with a broken wing that you find on your doorstep. I have always loved paradoxes, and that soul of yours defies the logic of this universe. You defy what my cynical mind has grown to believe. You should not exist, but you do. I lived my life thinking someone like you was only a myth, just like the unicorn, and here you are right in front of me. I also intuitively feel and understand you. I’m not saying I can read your mind, because sometimes you surprise me, but most of the time I feel your thoughts before you mind can form the words. I have said it before and I’ll say it again I feel your heart beat inside of mine. You are the heart of my heart, the center of my center, the root of all things true and I knew you before we ever met. Sounds ridiculous I know, but on everything I hold sacred in my life I swear this to be true. You also bring comfort to my eyes, and I am not just saying you are easy to look at, although you know I think there are not many women as beautiful as you. What I mean is that when I look at you I forget my own pain. When my eyes look into yours I know all things are possible, and I know what you are thinking you can’t understand how you could possible inspire someone this way. I just know if something as amazing as you can exist in this world then all things are possible. When I feel all the love you have in your heart I swear you out shine the sun. Being a part of you makes me fearless. You don’t see it but you are perfect in so many ways, and I use this word not because you are flawless. I say perfect because there is nothing that you could change that would make me love you more deeply. I also love that you are aware who you are and embrace it. Although this can make you stubborn at times and to be honest frustrate the hell out of me, I still love that you find strength in this awareness. This also challenges me and I secretly love strong women who challenge me. Ok I could go on endless. I have thousands of other reasons why I love you, and I never get tired of finding different ways to love you. So lets end this here and get back to your question. Is it possible there is someone better suited to love you? Sure it’s possible. It’s possible for lighting to strike twice in the same place.. Maybe it’s also possible this world is just over flowing with unicorns. I’m not saying there isn’t someone out there who could make you happy. I’m sure there are a lot of men out there that could give you a life that you deserve. I just you are one of a kind, our connection is one of a kind, and I don’t expect to ever find that again. If I am delusional and if I am not as special to you as I think I am then please let me know. Everyday that passes I am convinced more and more that you are my soulmate. Maybe thats why I love you so easily. I’ve felt compelled to love you since the day we met. This love goes beyond the limits of friendship. This love exceeds that of a romantic love. It defies definition and reason. You know this to be true. I would do anything for you. Your happiness is my happiness. I need to be a part of you, and share everything with you. I will always love you. I feel like I need to find a stronger word because even the word love is starting to feel limiting when I think about my feeling for you. Well there you go. Here are your thousand words. If you promise to read it I can promise you a thousand more each day.


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