Moments of Silence

I know we will get past this…You’re still my soulmate. I really want you to be happy. There is no jealousy in my heart. I really just want to be a part of each other’s lives. I’m sorry if the way I look at you scares you, but that is me being in the moment. When I look at you what you see is just happiness that you’re my best friend and I found someone that understands me. What you see is happiness that I don’t ever have to feel alone again because I found my best friend. What you see is pure affection and appreciation for a rare connection that most people never find. When I say I love you I mean it in every sense of the word. I have no selfish thoughts or emotions in the love I have for you. I hope to have a chance to prove this to you. What you saw that night was not a jealous lover, but an over protective soulmate. You’re part of my heart just like I’m part of yours. I know how special your heart is and I get scared at the prospect of you getting hurt. Yes I will always be in love with who you are but it will never be defined in the traditional sense, and it’s beyond the constraints of what most people can understand. I know it is a very strong emotion and I am strong enough to find that balance that I know I need to move forward. Please know that I will always be here for you in all the right and wrong decisions. Throughout our lives we will have our triumphs and our falls. I want to be a part of both. I want to be there to share your moments of joy and I want to be there to catch you or help you get up when you fall. I know we will get through this I just want you to know all I want is a chance to be part of your heart, to continue to be your best friend, and to make some really great memories with the time we both have left in this world. I love you J…

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