Monday – Chapter 2

She obviously caught my eye. I knew she was special right from the start, and all I wanted was to get closer. Somethings you just know, somethings just feel right, and loving her was one of those things. The following Monday she was on my mind. Looking back I am not sure I knew what I was doing when I sent her that instant message.There was a gravity to her pulling me in, pulling me home. I wasn’t sure how to open this conversation so I just sent her a generic “Hi.” She responded, “Hi”. I asked, “Is this you?” I never got her last name, but I knew her first name, luckily it was unique enough to be the only one in our company. She apparently recognized my name enough to respond, “Yes this is me.” I asked about her last name since it was also unique and I have never seen it before. I inquired as how to pronounce it. That was it, from there our conversations have always flowed. I still don’t know how to explain our connection only that it is natural and meant to be. From there our friendship quickly grew. Looking back at our early conversation I was an open book almost to a scary level. I am still not sure why she didn’t run for the hills. Any sane person would have immediately pursued a restraining order. The only explanation is that she felt the same love and deep connection I felt. She was an early riser and I quickly morphed to the same so I could spend early morning virutally with her chatting about everything from our childhoods to the weather. She was fascinating with so many great stories, and again she would fight me on this point. There is nothing I love on this earth I love more our conversations. She always leaves me wanting more. Moderation is something not easy with her. Really she was a godsend for me. I met her during the aftermath of one of the most loniess times of my life. My mother has just recently died, and my relationship with my high school sweet heart had disintegrated in a horrible angry mess. One could easily say this connection with Jadie was a self created delusion due to the troubled times, but some deep part of tells me otherwise. Eventually after about a week of initial conversations she invited me to go hiking on a Sunday morning. I was living alone in my house at the time having recently separated from my long-time girlfriend. I was excited to see her outside of work. I was familiar with several hiking trails near my house so I asked her to meet at one of the local trailheads., Unfortunately I went out with my cousin the night before and over drank. I still remembering the horrible sound of my phone ringing that morning. It was her and it was 15 minutes past our agreed meeting time. I answered and she immediately said, “Joseph I’m going home.” I convinced her to wait just a few more minutes pleading, “Give me five minutes and I will be there.” Sadly this would be not the last time I disappointed her. Luckily she somehow feels I am worth the trouble because as I am writing this sentence she still has not given up on me. It is sad that I see her completely, but I have never given her the chance to see me completely.

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