March 28, 2015

Jadie,  I feel the friend in me has let you down. I let you down by not being stronger. You want me to be in your life, and the feeling is mutual. It’s a struggle and I’m trying, believe me I’m trying. There have months to process the fact there is someone new in your life, and there is one clear conclusion. There is a need for you in my life, you are part of me, and I want to be part of you. You have to know I will never be able to look at you and hide the fact that the light in your eyes will always define beauty for me. My emotions for you will always run deeper than what could be defined by the word friendship. This undeniable attraction, this never ending need to love you still confuses me. I have never know why I’m so drawn to you. Like you say it’s pointless to fight it. The only way to define it is to say your existence really does complete my soul and brings me peace never felt before. Your presence brings me love, strength, and the fire of desire. You make me want more, you make me want to be more, but most of all you remind me I owe it to myself and everyone around me to be more. When I pull away from you I feel the loneliness and I only hurt myself. Jadie I miss your thoughts, I miss our conversations, and I miss you. Please let me know if this all sounds crazy to you, if you think I’m crazy or if I am wrong about who you are to me. I guess what I am saying is I’m ready to give you what you been asking for…



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