Today I am thankful for some many things. For my amazing parents, my loving family, my amazing friends, and all the great memories this life given me. I know I am truly lucky. I have a very long list of things to be thankful for, but at the very top of this long list will always be this beautiful, compassionate, intelligent, inspiring, brave, tenacious, and gentle creature named Jadie. Today I want to tell you thank you for so many reasons. Thank you for saving me from myself. Thank you for helping me get up when I did not deserve it. Thank you for reminding me that this world is overflowing with beauty. Thank you for giving me reasons to look at the stars. Thank you for giving me the passion to chase my dreams. Thank you for giving me the strength to make those dreams come true, but most of all thank you for your love. Your love is the warm blanket that keeps safe on those cold night. You love is the wind that makes my thoughts fly. You are my favorite sound, you are my favorite word, and you are even my favorite smell (and no thats not creepy). I know and you know I am not perfect and I know better than to promise you perfection, but I can promise you that I will be always be here giving everything my heart has to love you and suppport you through it all till the end (and maybe beyond that). I promise you to never stop dreaming and working hard to be the man we both know I should be. I promise to give you strenght when you feel weak, and to make you laugh when you forget to smile. I promise to prove to you that you are not a fool for loving me. I promise you that you will always be thankful for the day we met. I could go on a thousand pages so let me try to summaries my sentiments in the shortest, sweetest way I can think of…Thank you for being the missing pieces of my heart.



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