Cliff Walk

She walked along the cliffs, making her way through a grass path, watching the waves crash over the jagged rocks below as the sunset faded into an array of oranges, reds and purples. The beautiful blue sky slowly dying into the night sky. The clouds, the incoming tide, the birds, the sunset it was all beautiful, but still it was just a back drop for her smile. She floated through it all, as graceful as the passing clouds, loving it all with her eyes, kissing it with her soul. Her bare feet glided through the grass as she made her way to a patch of blooming wildflowers. The wind played with her sundress and pulled it tight against her body as she made her way to the edge of the cliff. I tried to follow her but an invisible force from deep inside held me back. Maybe somewhere inside I knew I didn’t belong in this perfect picture. Instead I just sat watching this beautiful world unfold with each step. I just sat watching her redefine beauty with each breath. Eventually the sun disappear beyond the horizon, swallowed up by the earth. Just as I saw the first star shed it’s light she turned to me and with a silent glance gave me enough love for a lifetime. I know it’s greedy to want more, but I do. I always will. I always have, but for today I will settle for this one moment knowing that I am closer to heaven than I have ever been.

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