Chapter 3 – The Project

The next morning Edward was awaken by excited by the thoughts of his new project. The company was expanding their portfolio and moving into the arena of clean energy. Jack had made Edward the lead on a new solar project in Nevada, and for the first time in a long time Edward felt like he could make a difference. Edward never really felt at home in a large corporation. He actually enjoyed writing. In college he studied architecture and literature, but somehow fell into the world of technology. He was always technical and had a natural aptitude for the technical world, but .never really felt fulfilled in his role at the corporation. If this new project was successful the bonus he’d receive would allow him take a sabbatical form his corporate job and finally finish the novel he started in college. The new project dealt with experimental solar panels and if successful would put the company on the forefront of clean energy. Early testing showed promising results. Edward was responsible for the technical integration. Despite his excitement Edward had a hard time forgetting about Jack’s visit to his mother. “What is he after?” Edward wondered. This thought occupied Edward’s mind all morning. Well at least until he walked into his office and was surprised to see Ana sitting at his desk. Ana was looking through Edward’s notes regarding the new project. “Really Edward. Jack gave you complete control of this project and this is the team you want?” “What wrong with the people I picked?”, Edward said as he pulled his notebook out of Ana’s hands. “Well first of all I don’t see my name anywhere on this project. You know you’ll need someone with my development experience,” Ana said as she pulled Edward close the her. She was still sitting in Edward’s chair and this brought her face about six inches from Edward’s crouch. “I really enjoy working under you,” Ana said as she slide her hands slowly up Edward’s inner thigh. “Stop it. I do not want any unnecessary distractions on this project. This new technology has the potential to be big, and I have been meaning to talk about this thing we’ve been doing. I think we need a break.” Edward said sternly as he quickly grabbed Ana’s wrist and firmly placed them back in her lap. “Distraction’s is that what I am to you Edward?” “Knock knock. Am I interrupting something?” It was Jack. “No nothing that can’t wait,” Edward as he politely motioned Ana towards the door. “Morning Jack. Edward and I were just discussing the resource plan for the new solar project, but we can finish this at lunch.”

As Ana walked out the door Jack let his eyes fall down to her ass, “You having fun with that Edward?” “She is definitely a handful,” Edward said as he docked his laptop. “Just give me a moment to pull up the spreadsheet with the numbers for the new project Jack.” “No need Edward I trust you. I actually came here to ask you if you would mind if I invited you mother to our company offsite next week?” “I’m not sure my mother would enjoy the atmosphere, and besides don’t we have a full agenda.” “Edward I just think she would enjoy seeing spending sometime with her son. Last week she mentioned she hardly sees you anymore.” “Jack I appreciate your concern, but I don’t think she would be interested.” “Well just ask her, see what she says.” “Ok I will ask her.” With that Jack walked out. For the next few hours Edward reviewed the research documents and estimates from the companies R&D department. As Jack walked out of Edward’s office he paused and turned two steps to the door. “Oh one more thing Edward, we are getting you some help with this new project. We just hired on new body on. He’ll be a great help on the technical implementation.” “What? Help? Why would you think..?” Edward said in a surprised tone. “I know you don’t think you need help, but this guy is really good. He’s new to the company and this project will be great for him to get his feet wet.” “Jack I don’t really need any help.” “I know Edward but you will be helping me on this one. I really want to get this guy up to speed and no one knows this company like you. At least meet him before you make up your mind.” “Ok Jack I will meet him. What’s his name?” “His name is Liam. We hired him from one of our UK affiliates.” “Ok I will give him a shot,” Edward said with a sigh. The truth was that Edward had already judged this guy. “Liam?”, he thought with a laugh. “He probably rowed crew in college, play criket and wears a sweater over his shoulders. A typical Ivy league douchebag,” Edward thought to himself. Edward had this new guy weighed and measured just off his name.

“Ready for me?” Ana said in an unusually sweet voice. Edward knew this was Ana’s “I need something voice.” “Actually I have to reschedule Ana. Some of these numbers do not add up and I need to call our new vendor to see if these documents are out dated.” “Ok dinner you are buying me dinner then.” “Ok, fine. Now please let me work.” Edward replied.

“Drinks?” an instant message flashed on Edwards screen. It was 4:58 PM. Edward didn’t not have to even look at the contact info to know it was from Derik. It was Thursday, their regular happy hour night where they vented and lamented on the emptiness of corp life and their golden handcuffs. “Shutting down in five,” Edward quickly typed.

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