Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom. I woke up today and can’t believe it’s been over five years since I last heard your voice. I still remember every moment and detail of that last night we had together in the hospital. Walking out that late night I had no idea it would be the last time I would hear you call me son. I used to feel cheated because I lost you and Dad so soon, but these past few years I have learned that the truly special moments in your life and the people that create them will never be measured in minutes, hours or days. In the years we had together you two shared with me more happiness and love than ten life times could contain. To feel cheated is just to be greedy.

 Usually today would go out for dinner. You would ask me about my life, work, and the dogs. I’d ask you about the family, your friends, and the small events of your daily life. I wonder what we would talk about today if I could have just one more birthday dinner with you. Our conversations never went that deep, but I understand now it was because we had a understanding that went deep than words. Today I would ask you about the dreams you had a child. Your fears and moments of doubt you had as life tested you. I’d ask you where you found your strength to over come the challenges of your childhood. I would thank you for your courage and strength you displayed everyday of my life. I would thank you for teaching me that there was strength in compassion, wisdom in patience, and everyday we are alive is our opportunity to add to the beauty of this world. That last point is the hardest to grasp, but as I get older, as each year passes, it adds more clarity to the truth and purpose of my life. I could go on endlessly thanking you for the sacrafices you made for us, for the attention and guidance you provided, and for the love you gave us, but it really comes down to this two sentences…thank you for giving me a strong heart and forever being a source of beauty and love. I will always be proud to call you mom. 

Happy Birthday. 


Your Son Joseph

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