Reason to Love

Days pass as I lie here just before sunrise, again and again. The dull blue glow rising filling the sky, filling my mind.

There are many reasons I come back to this place. Beauty is the easy answer, its obvious and true.
But dive deeper into the stars, look beyond the past, and you will understand.

This feels like home, and it always will. The passion, the strength, the desire. With or without you I sit spinning in this orbit, falling faster each moment.

The smile when I’m wrong, the laugh when I’m right. Beautiful. Moments you’re stong, moments you’re weak. Beatiful. It’s always the first thought. It’s always the last thought.

I can never love more than that heart, but I’m not afraid. Your thoughts feed my endless desires, and I find satisfaction in hunger.

Everything is not enough, but all I have.

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