Today wasn’t great. My mind is still preoccupied but I know I need to force myself to write even if its just going through the motions. I really do love early morning, before the sun rises. Today I did listen to the trains whistle and it did trigger memories of my childhood. I thought this is the same whistle I’ve heard my whole life. I thought of waking up early just to say goodbye to my father. He worked a lot and some days it was the only time I would have with him. Some how these memories connected to the early morning conversations we used to have. Early mornings are really sacred to me. It’s hard to find someone to share these moments with, it’s hard to find someone that enjoys these moments. Thank for reconnecting me with this memory. Wednesday night I had a dream about Rivergrade. The grounds of Rivergrade were mixed with a cemetary, and we all have our own plot in the cemetary with our own beds. There was a team meeting, but I stayed behind after to find something. It was dark and I somehow became lost in the cemetary. This little white doll was chasing me as I tried to find my way back. Everytime I turned a corner there she was standing. Last night I called you because I stood late worked out in the gym before leaving work. It was dark and empty. I parked in the front visitor parking lot, and for a second I took a wrong turn getting out. Sounds dumb I know. For moment it felt very similar to my dream. I had that same cold feeling. So that’s why I called you. I know I’m a big baby, but I walking through that main courtyard. Makes me laugh now, but it really felt like I was walking through my nightmare. I hate when I dream connect to the next day. It happens a lot. I know you think I’m crazy but I really did have a reoccuring dream about you before we met. It always came to me after a day that was especially hard. It was a short dream, covered in shadows, but there was this women with dark hair. She had a gentle, and compassionate energy. She had your face. She had your eyes. I had forgotten, but in the dream there were always flowers. Orchids, like the ones from your tattoos. Well that’s my thought for the day. I will work on my writing and start forming the plot. Have a good day Jadie.



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