Her Eyes

There are thousands of details to cover and not enough words or time in my short life to capture the truth of it all. For me at the top of this ever growing list will always be her eyes, and not because of the obvious reasons. They are deep and dark in their beauty. They out shine the brightest stars, but I love them not for what they are but for what they see.

I fall again and again watching them move across the landscapes of the world. It’s the way they move and pause at the most unexpected moments that I love best. She will understand why  I love her or the truth of her of all her facets. It you watch carefully enough you can see the her thoughts form. That is my favorite thing to do, but it takes patience and a little bit of lucky. It’s like waiting for that last moment of the sunset. If you blink or look away you miss it. 

I will never know what she sees when she looks in the mirror, but it’s clear she will never completely accept what I see. I never exaggerate what I see. There are times I feel she thinks I do, but I would never do that to her. 

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