Summer Moonlight

Summer nights in the mountains are his favorite. Something about the potential in the winds at the higher elevation. There is an energy that is infectious in these moments as the earth cools after a warm summer day. This night is definitely one of those night. It was fifteen minutes past sunset, the summer sky was still in that ambiguous phase of purple, blues and red. If you had just opened my eyes you wouldn’t know if the night was coming or receding. Tonight he was excited to see her. Hell when is he not excited to see her. It’s true he misses her the second she walks out of his sight. It’s not that he is needy. He just loves the way the world glows when she is around. As he drove through the windy mountain roads he played out the imaginary scenarious of the coming evening in his mind. He wanted to go perfectly. In his head he was smooth and confident. He focused on these thoughts.

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