Chapter ??? – Shattered

Shattered Edward laid in his bed staring at the ceiling fan rotate countless times. Hours past as the sun slowly faded to darkness. Paralyzed in thought he thought of her last words. “I don’t know, I can’t,” she cried to him. “Something doesn’t feel right,” she said as she tried to convince his heart to retreat. In his mind anger grew as he thought of her last words. Edward new you can’t reason with the heart, but he knew there was something there. He wasn’t a child. He understood rejection, but it always felt like a lie when she said these things. It wasn’t the first time she tried to push him away. “Am I delusional,” he thought as he tried to wrap his mind around the event of the day. He wondered why every time he got close she always did her best to push him away. She would shut down. Her silence was torturous to him, but years of this had made him strong. It’s a natural tendency of most people in this situation to feel hopeless, but as the anger grew inside him he found strength and conviction. “She’s so full of shit,” he thought to himself. Edward knew she loved him. He wondered what it was that stopped her from giving him a chance. What it fear? Why couldn’t she see the possibilities? What blinded her from seeing the truth? She had to

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