Chapter ??? – shattered part 2

His phone buzzed with that familiar tone. It a sound from his favorite childhood video game. Instantly and involuntarily like a pavalonian dog his pulse quickened the moment he heard the sound. It was Ivy. Normal this specific text tone would release a shot endorphins throughout his body, but not today. Today was different. Today Ivy was the source of agony and frustration. Reluctantly he lifted himself out of bed and walked over to his desk where his phone had been charging. Edward closed his eyes for a moment before looking at the screen. “Let’s see what she has to say shall we,” he told himself. “I’m sorry, I can’t,” he text read. It went on to say,”I need time to figure out things. Please understand its me not you.”

“Fucken bullshit!” he yelled as he threw his phone onto his bed. He knew she was just running. She always ran. Illusive was always one of the words at the top of the list he’d use to describe her. Despite her words he knew this was classic Ivy. He had seen her do this before. He first instinct is always to run when relationships get complicated. “Take a chance,” he thought to himself. He knew definitely he could no longer go backwards. He had been in this holding pattern long enough. He just didn’t know what that meant in terms of their future. He looks out the window for a few minutes. The sun had set and the moon was quickly taking the night sky. Edward lost himself for a moment staring at the full summer moon thinking of their first night together. Even then he knew she was going to break his heart, but retreating was never an answer. He always knew he was destined to love her, the outcome was never a thought. A dog barking in the distance broke his trance and quickly brought his mind back to Ivy’s text. Feeling back on center he picked up his phone. “I know you are feeling lost,” he typed and hit send with hesistation.  “Taking a chance to reach something great always requires a bit of blind faith, if you just stop holding on so tight maybe you will see I have the potential to give you the moon, these stars, and everything under its light,” he continued to type. “Good night Ivy, sweet dreams,” was his finally text. Exhausted from the day he turned off his phone and closed his eyes. 

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