Rush Hour

The city roars in metallic waves, moving the world from here to there,
people walk by in their infinite strides, never-ending rhythms of desires and fears,
endless in their words and emotions they race the sunset.
The little ones point in wonder, dreaming with their eyes open.
The old ones, blind in their motion struggle with their own possibilities.

Where does it begin, where does it end? This question deep in each heart breaths.
Maybe the question is the answer? Maybe the winds only purpose is ours to decide?
The colors, the light, the sounds of this circus, the wisdom of this chaos is the only true religion. These stone giants, these endless yellow lines and forever blinking lights, is the sacred cathedral of our time. If you just listen to the cries, the laughter, the joy and fears of each set of eyes you will find where all these roads meet, you will under stand why this city never stops.

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