Oceans apart

He laid in bed listening to the winds fight the trees. Her thoughts washed over him like unforgiving waves tearing down what the day had built. He closed his eyes as his thoughts faded into a malestrom of memories yet to be.  

Each hour, each minute, each second of everyday pushed his world into this moment. Emotions, thoughts, even words were left useless. There are times when you can no longer deny the color of the sky. There are times when you know what lies behind those eyes. Fears and doubts were left behind as he traced her name in the sky. 

This is where he belonged, this was the heaven he had to build. This one thought, ever Illusive and beyond reason chased his mind and devoured his soul. In the end, in the beginning there was always this pure desire, and forever the fire pushed his world forward, spinning, crashing into her heart.

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