A Fool For You

I never really believed it until yesterday.
I never really thought I could dream.
You were always on my mind, you were always in my heart…
It always belonged to you.
It was an impossible dream and I listened to my foolish heart.
I was a fool to believe I had reached the stars.
Why did I let myself fall yesterday?
Why was I a fool? Why did I believe?
I started down this road hoping you’d follow me.
There is no turning back, no way back home now.
There is only one choice for me now.
Only one path, I need to see where it goes.
I need to try. I need to listen to my heart.

A Place in the Sky

At first sight she reminded me that I have a place in the sky, a place among the stars.
She opened my eyes and let me see the world as it is, and it always was…
I always knew I wanted her, even before we met she haunted my dreams. Now that I am at the doorstep of heaven I every step is a surreal revelation of beauty and truth. It all surpasses my expectations and dreams. I may sound impossible to some, it may sound unreal to you but there is a place in the sky for us.

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Stronger Broken

What do I have to do to make you feel?
What do I have to do to make you believe?
Why can’t you hear me?

My world shatters with every time I reach for you but I can’t stop.
What do I need to do to touch you?
What do I need to do to make you see what I already know?

What do I need to do to make you save me from the fall?
What do I need to do…?

I’m not afraid to fall anymore.
I’m not afraid to fly.

Why is my heart stronger broken?
Why does my world belong to you?

Summer Moonlight

Summer nights in the mountains are his favorite. Something about the potential in the winds at the higher elevation. There is an energy that is infectious in these moments as the earth cools after a warm summer day. This night is definitely one of those night. It was fifteen minutes past sunset, the summer sky was still in that ambiguous phase of purple, blues and red. If you had just opened my eyes you wouldn’t know if the night was coming or receding. Tonight he was excited to see her. Hell when is he not excited to see her. It’s true he misses her the second she walks out of his sight. It’s not that he is needy. He just loves the way the world glows when she is around. As he drove through the windy mountain roads he played out the imaginary scenarious of the coming evening in his mind. He wanted to go perfectly. In his head he was smooth and confident. He focused on these thoughts.

Her Eyes

There are thousands of details to cover and not enough words or time in my short life to capture the truth of it all. For me at the top of this ever growing list will always be her eyes, and not because of the obvious reasons. They are deep and dark in their beauty. They out shine the brightest stars, but I love them not for what they are but for what they see.

I fall again and again watching them move across the landscapes of the world. It’s the way they move and pause at the most unexpected moments that I love best. She will understand why  I love her or the truth of her of all her facets. It you watch carefully enough you can see the her thoughts form. That is my favorite thing to do, but it takes patience and a little bit of lucky. It’s like waiting for that last moment of the sunset. If you blink or look away you miss it. 

I will never know what she sees when she looks in the mirror, but it’s clear she will never completely accept what I see. I never exaggerate what I see. There are times I feel she thinks I do, but I would never do that to her. 

The ghost behind your eyes

The ghost behind your eyes knows my name. I never knew why until today. It’s a name spoken in lost dreams. Running through my dark days I see what could have been, and remember the moments of

Midnight words save me and early morning memories take it all away. All want is chance to move mountains and cross the stars for one moment of bliss. Take my hand and listen to the silence of this moment. Give me today, and follow me to heaven.


Chasing the light, reaching for the stars I try to find reasons to love.
Not sure whether I am flying or falling my hands trace the fading streams you leave across the sky.

Lost I find what I am looking for in your silent forgotten dreams.
Living in the shadows watching the stars fall my eyes leave me blind, but in this darkness, in this blindness I find my truth, I find you.

I wish you where here filling my mind with light, chasing falling stars with me. If you were here do you think you could see me?

Now that tomorrow is yesterday I have learned to love the confusion. I have learned to dance in the light of the falling stars singing your name. This world will never change, you should know it doesn’t have to change. Please say my name and give me a reason to love.

Waking Up Before the Sun

All my favorite people wake up before the sun. Looking back it has to all start with my father. He worked hard everyday of his life. He was a truck drive so most day he was up at least by 5 a.m. He wore a digital timex watch and this was his alarm clock. During the summer months my mother would drive him to work. This wasn’t out of necessity, but the hours he worked were long and it left very few hours in the day for my mother and father to spend together. He was always working, and she was busy running the household and raising our family. Being off on summer break I would often join my parents on the drive to my father’s work. Some days he would work in Long Beach, and occasionally he would work out of Irwindale. He drove a Concrete Truck. The trucks with the huge spinning barrels you see on the freeway. Some of my best childhood memories are of these huge trucks. I loved my father and the sacrifices he made for us, and because of his early work schedule I now admire the virtue of rising before the sun. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that only the virtuous in the world start their day before the sun, but there is something in these people that sets them apart. I think I could safely say that most of this demographic would have a strong work ethic. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy sleeping in myself, but I feel there is something sinful about sleeping away the morning hours. There is something special almost sacred about these hours of the early dawn. The air feels different, the sky is reborn new not yet stain with the pollution of everyone’s daily commute, and every corner of the world is full of possibilities. I sometimes forget to value this time. For a large portion of my adult life I was not what you would call an early riser. My eyes would open early, but I would somehow always convince myself to stay in bed another 10 minutes. 10 minutes would turn into 15 then 30. It was until later in life that I met someone that reminded me of the virtues of the early morning. Her name was Jadie. Jadie somehow always gets up early even is she stays up late. Not sure how she does it. Personally there are times I find it exhausting just trying to keep up with her, but I try and in trying I somehow feel connected to my Dad again. I haven’t been consistent in my pursuit of the early morning. Jadie would agree that consistency is my great nemesis in life. I am learning I need to recommit myself on a daily basis to all my goals.

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